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    "We partner with doctors to build scalable, decentralized care models."
    -Brett Landrum, Co-Founder
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    About Decentralized Care Models

    Decentralized Care Models, or DCMs, are a new form of care delivery that enables the seamless delivery of care across telemedicine and hospital systems seamlessly into one portal.

  • Use Cases

    Our design and development team understands your organization's challenges in scaling a new and innovative care delivery model. Our team has deployed millions of lines of custom code that assist thousands of doctors worldwide doing things like building collaborative care models to diagnose the most esoteric of cancers.

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    Industry first Collaborative Care Delivery Platform for mTBI

    The doctors at Neuroglympse sought to deliver a higher quality of care at a better price than what was on the market for people that were falling through the cracks of care with mild traumatic brain injuries. Currently n 8 markets and growing to 10,000+ cities.

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    Disruptive Anatomical Lab Information Management System

    When our team met with APS, we worked through their entire business model, internal processes, and deployed a MVP in 2 months that has been the core of their business for 8 years. Today the have grown 5,000%+ with our team and continues to help practices in over 45 states.

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    Device Agnostic Remote Patient Monitoring Platform

    Our team spent the second half of 2020 building a RPM company to enable the clinics of tomorrow with real time physiologic data to better care for their patients.

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    The First Remote Therapeutic Monitoring company for Sleep Apnea

    Remote Patient monitoring exploded after 2020 and the doctors at sleep vigil saw the opportunity to deliver more meaningful care for patients un knowingly suffering from sleep apnea. Currently contracted with multiple publicly traded companies to scale their ability to determine treatment efficacy with new mazements such as SP02 and HR.

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    Collaborative Care Delivery Platform

    Filling in gaps between 56,000 law firms and thousands of clinics, Metaclinic streamlines the communication between industries in an elegant and simple interface.

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    The only RTM platform for neurological collaborative care models

    Currently treating patients suffering from a variety of neurological conditions.

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    What algorithm will you come up with?

    Schedule a call with us to discuss your ideas or join our startup pitch competition in March in New Orleans Mardi Gras Week!

  • Our Simple Process to deploy your care model

    Our platform allows for your collaborative care model to be live in minutes


    Care Model Review

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    Pt Goal

    Required Documentation

    Entity Relationship Model

    Billing Requirements

    Cash Flow Model


    Report types

    Integration Types



    Your custom collaborative care model is ready to scale across the world!

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    Need to incorporate Real Time Physiologic Data?

    Welcome to your RPM CRM.

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    Built with the highest security standards

    Our development process enables compliance out of the box.

  • Other Available Services

    Nurse Call Center

    Our Team has partnered with other Healthcare providers to offer QHCPs in many settings.

    Group Purchasing Access

    Looking to sell your services directly to GPO's to put your sales on autopilot? We have you covered

    Chief Medical Officer as a service

    We work with a variety of though leaders that can help legitimize your care model as therapeutically relevant.

    Custom Development

    Our team is well versed in medical platform design and development. If your product or idea can stand on its own two feet as a service our team can codevelop a solution.

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    Our Mission

    Deploy.care was founded to enable providers to work together regardless of hospital affiliation, emphasizing the relationship between individuals as opposed to the relationship between organizations to determine the best path for care.

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